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Glass beer cup 400ml clear with handle

Hi, My name is Leo from Mexico City. I would like to purchase 70000 pieces of Glass Beer mug 400ml. Let me know the available colors, estimated time of delivery

2021 , 12 , 10

Order christmas coffee tea mug glass with bamboo lid

We need christmas coffee tea mug glass with bamboo lid
Material:Glass, Soda-lime Glass
Product Name:Glass can with bamboo lid

2021 , 12 , 10

Custom double layer glass tea cup glass coffee cup Borosilicate Glass cup

Do you have Capacity: 150ml ?what is the price?
Product Name:double wall glass cups
Usage:drink coffee
Capacity:150ml/250ml/350ml/450ml 2021 , 12 , 10


Custom different size bulk 500ml 700ml liquor glass bottle with cork

Good afternoonI am interesting in Alex bottle  
Product name:Bottles for Vodka
Usage:Wine Vodka Whisky Tequila Liqueur Brandy Champagne<

2021 , 12 , 10

Want to buy blue amber glass boston tincture dropper bottles

Hello, I want to order 5000 pcs of the pink 80ml jar. Do you also do logo customization? 
Material:serum bottle tincture bottles
Model Number

2021 , 12 , 10

Need 250ml Glass Clear Juice bottle

We are looking for 250ml juice bottle with a hippie design for juice filling. 
Material - Glass 
Quantity required - 60,000 pieces 

2021 , 12 , 10

We want to order high end glass jar and glass wine bottle

Hi,We want to order glass bottle 10000pcs,

Keyword:lotion glass bottle

Shape:Customized Sh

2021 , 12 , 10

Order Empty Perfume Bottle Glass Cosmetic Bottle

We would like to order the brown bottle, size 10 ml, 100 in quantity.
Product Name:Perfume Bottle Glass
Base Material:glass
Body Materia:gl

2021 , 12 , 10

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